Do you have an existing WordPress site you’d like to spruce up? Need a new theme, a custom-built site, or a responsive redesign? I can do that for you. Let’s talk about customizing your existing theme or finding a new one that fits your vision. We can work with a design you have in mind, collaborate with a designer, or choose and customize a theme that works best for you.

Jubilee Austen

Jubilee Austen Skillcrush

Interested in just a simple, one-page website like this one? I can make it responsive for you, too, so that it will look great on any device. (Skills used: HTML & CSS.)


Unplugged Skillcrush

If you have a multi-page site, here's an example of a responsive site coded and designed based on a Photoshop comp. (Skill used: mobile-first development, responsive web design (images and typography), and flexbox.)

LOLCat Clock

LOLcat Clock Skillcrush

Looking for something a bit flashier on your site? Here's a fun example. This project involved the use of jQuery and Javascript to make the LOLCat clock function in delivering a LOLCat-themed message depending on the time of day. (Skills used: Javascript, DOM, HTML, CSS.)

Election Map

Election Map Skillcrush

This is another example of an interactive element you might want on your site. This election map project involved learning how to create and edit multiple objects, dynamically populate tables, and introduce mouse-over interaction. The result is a display of voting results when mousing over each state as well as the overall vote tally. (Skill used: Javascript, jQuery.)

SOS Illinois

SOS Children's Villages Illinois blog

Are you looking for support for an existing WordPress blog or site? As a full-time employee and consultant I maintained and managed the website for SOS Children's Villages Illinois, producing content as well as assisting with an existing WordPress configuration. One significant contribution involved implementing a blog for the organization.


Are your curious what a WordPress site could look like for your organization or business? Here's an example of a simulated client site in WordPress. (Skills used: custom theming, child themes, launching and deploying in WordPress best practices.)